The Kathmandu Valley consists of three main cities of great historic and cultural interest:
  • Kathmandu City
  • Lalitpur(Patan)
  • Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon)
Kathmandu City

Kathmandu City is the gateway to Nepal Tourism and is the premiere cultural hub of the nation. While the three cities, together, are integral to the Valley in terms of economy, tourism, and cultural heritage.

Did you know? The name "Kathmandu" came from a former wooden building in Durbar Square called Kasthamandap. Which in Sanskrit translates to ‘Kastha’: "wood" and ‘Mandap’: "covered shelter."

Kathmandu City is the capital and is one of the fastest growing metropolitan cities in South Asia as well as the largest in Nepal. Its rich history is nearly 2,000 years old as indicated by ancient inscriptions, which has made for striking World Heritage Sites to explore. Religious affiliations are dominantly Hindu followed by Buddhism, but people of other religious beliefs also live in Kathmandu giving it a cosmopolitan culture. Nepali is the common language of the city but English is understood by all of the educated population of the city.

It’s helpful to learn some phrases, and so much fun to interact with the locals who are always impressed by your will to learn and enthusiastic to teach you more with loving hearts. So Click Here for a brief phrase list to get you started!


Patan (also known as 'Lalitpur': literally, the City of Artisans)

  1. 5km southeast of Kathmandu
  2. Home to the valley's finest craftsmen preserving ancient techniques such asrepousse and the lost wax process, still producing exquisite sculptures.
  3. The city retains much of the old charm with its narrow streets, brick housesand the multitude of well-preserved Hindu temples and Buddhistmonasteries (Vihars).
  4. Highlight: The predominant sound in Patan is not motor vehicles but the tinkering of craftsmen bent over the statuettes they are shaping. As in Kathmandu, Hinduism and Buddhism have co-existed here for ages, influencing each other and the religious harmony is exemplary!

Must Try: Breakfasts in Patan are a unique & satiating affair. Hidden behind a maze of alleys and inner lanes leading to surprisingly spacious courtyards, traditional Newari eateries will amaze you with sweet & salty offerings to kick-start your day!


Bhaktapur (also known as 'Bhadgaon': literally, the City of Devotees)

  1. 14km east of Kathmandu: A major tourist attraction taking visitors back in time.
  2. Perched on a hill at an altitude of 1,401m and covering an area of 4 sq. miles
  3. The city retains the charming paved roads, red brick houses and a way of life that goes back to medieval times; and is famous for pottery and woodcarving amply displayed on the squares and windows respectively.
  4. Highlight: The extraordinary 'Durbar Square' with its celebrated Golden Gate and extraordinary Palace of Fifty-Five windows still reflects the glory days of the Malla Dynasty when art and architecture thrived throughout the Valley.

Must Try: Bhaktapur is the home of 'Juju Dhau'. Literally: "King of Yogurt" - this ancient Fro-Yo of Nepal is made of fresh buffalo milk (bhaisi) that gives it a much richer texture & taste. Traditionally served in clay pots, this is one dessert we promise you'll never forget!

Organization/Associations Phone Numbers
Police (Emergency) 100
Tourist Police (Bhrikuti Mandap) 4226359/4226403
Nepal Tourism Board 4256909/4256229
Department of Immigration 4223509/4222453
Ambulance, Bishal Bazaar 4244121
Ambulance, Nepal Chamber 4230213/4222890
Ambulance, Paropakar 4251614/4260869
Ambulance, Red Cross 4228094
Ambulance, Bhagawan Mahavir Jain Niketan 4418619/4422280
Bir Hospital 221988
Patan Hospital (Lagankhel) 4522278
B & B Hospital (Gwarko) 4351930/4533206
Teku Hospital (Teku) 4253396
AWON Kalimati Clinic (Kalimati) 4271873
Blood Bank 4225344
CIWEC Clinic (Durbar Marg) 4228531
Homeopathic Clinic (Kalimati) 4277431
Kunfen Tibetan Medical Center (Chhetrapati) 4251920
Himalayan International Clinic (Chhetrapati) 4263170
Nepal lnternational Clinic (Lal Durbar) 4434642/4435357
Himalayan Rescue Association (Tridevi Marg) 4262746
Synergy International Clinic (Thamel) 4225038
Homeopathic Treatment Centre 4522092
Himalayan Rescue Dog Squad, Pokhara 61-520374
Himalayan Rescue Association, Kathmandu 4262746
Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) 4472256/4472257