Namaste and Welcome to Wanderthirst - the ultimate Backpacker's Have where we've brought it all under one roof! #WANDERNEPAL

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Camping Grounds

Pitch your tent at one of the best Camp Sites in Nepal for a Unique Experience! Why? Simply because our camping grounds are a cozy neighborhood and our lodgers are family, always!

Sustainable Development

We welcome you to take part in and exchange ideas about Sustainable Development! In-house Sustainable Construction, Best Practices & Recycling Initiatives are a constant here. Join us in endorsing sustainability & becoming more energy efficient everyday!

Let’s Talk

Let us introduce you to the wonderful things around Wanderthirst! Grab a chia with any of our dynamic and friendly staff members and have a quick chat about our surrounding top destinations for anything from street food to the closest indoor run!

– We’ve built a Diverse and Inspiring Environment to support your Visions and help bring them to Life!


Whether you’re here for thrilling Adventure, breathtaking Nature, to delve in the Culture, Volunteer, or Relax and Soul Search – we share your passion to explore and thirst to connect.

Information Hub

Make Wanderthirst your Information Hub and let us start by introducing you to the great things around our place!

Be Busy

Wanderthirst will keep you busy with in-house organized activities like Yoga classes, Meditation, Game, Dance, Bon-Fire, and Camping nights, Hikes, Biking Tours and tips on upcoming events!

Dynamic Team

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring together the universe’s Kindred Spirits where Our Dynamic Team will make your stay across wonderful Nepal one of a kind!